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Stealth's Journal

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Monday, August 4th, 2003
4:28 pm - Hillo
God it's almost been a whole year since i last posted!! Well you could see alot more of me now that lostaddiction is allowing me on his computer.. (yeah i got my own, but it ain't got broadband or any connection for that matter) lol
I've been moving up in the world.. I've recently moved out of the parents house and now live with my best friend lostaddiction in Sheffield. It's been kinda wierd living here at first not knowing every-one but now i can safely say i've settled in well. I've got my-self a full time job over here which i'm assistant manager! (still ain't sunk in, hehe ) Living in a place where the mothership can't say don't do this and do that etc etc you know the drill lol. Also found my-self a great girl called Maria. She has a ickle boy aged 1 called Rhys. Ok most might say (and peeps have told me already including paul sure thats a good idea? well maybe not in those words but...) it's not a good idea, a kid pulling you down and all. But to be honest it doesn't bother me. What you haven't done, you ain't gunna miss. And who's to say that we'll last? All i can say is Maria's great to be with and ickle Rhys is fun and cute..
Not much else to update on as i have so much on my mind (all good)
What about you peeps? what have you all been doing since i last spoke to you?

current mood: happy

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Thursday, October 10th, 2002
12:14 am
It's Terri's (my girlfriends) Birthday today! So as you can imagine i won't be at home much today hehe..

** Huggles ya **

Ohh and i'll try catch up shortly peeps!

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Monday, September 30th, 2002
7:46 am - Weekend
The weekend was pretty good really even if we didn't go out hehe
Friday night when i finished work i went straight to the pub as i was meeting Terri there who were having a strange laugh with my parent's lol
She seems to get on with my parents sooo much! Tis cool really ;)
Had afew drinks then went home and watched a film called Sugar and spice. Weren't the best but was ok i suppose heh
I was woken to a phone call in the morning from Dave saying he's waiting outside for me lol! opps i'd obviously slept through the alarm heh
Finished work at 9am and went home before going for afew drinks with Terri and a mate from my old works called Martin.. Did all 4 pubs in Whalley and then went to the Judge for 1 before heading off home for tea..
Later that evening we sat down to watch a film called the Mexican.. I quite liked it but would only see it the once..
Chris my little brother woke us both up by coming into my room and jumping on us.. Good thing was, it was 8:30am so we just lead in bed whilst dad got up.
ya see last time he kinda walked out at the same time as Terri did both going to the toilet! Was kinda embarrassing for her as they were both half naked lol!
Eventually got up at 9am and got ready for football..
Then lazed around for the rest of the day as my whole body was in pain because i was the only forward with us having 10 men in the second half..
Well that's my weekend!
Ohh and next weekend is the footy do which happens to be free drinks ;)

current mood: bouncy

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Tuesday, September 24th, 2002
8:21 am - Help needed..
As most of you know i've been offline for just over 3 months (thought it was 4 but never mind..) and all my email accounts were cut off..
stealthrevenge@hotmail.com being my main email and unfortunately don't know my password as i made the password 4 years ago..
As you'll know you get notified by email saying you have a reply from such a person on lj, well the email address it sends it to happens to be stealthrevenge@hotmail.com..
I need to change this for the time being to another email address.
Any-one able to assist me at all?

current mood: hopeful

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Thursday, June 20th, 2002
4:35 pm - Quick Hi ;D
Well thanks to lostaddiction im able to up date my lj....
I recieved quite a nasty bill from the phone company and until it's paid up i am no longer able to up date :(
I was quite surprised that hardly any peeps kicked me off thier friends list. So thankee to those who ain't ** {{ Huggles ya }} **
Lifes great atm the moment as i'm earning a nice enough amount of cash to have a life and am going out with a rather damn nice girl hehe.
We met last August on holiday and we cept in touch etc etc.
Well i've been with her for 3 weeks now and all is still going great ;)
Took the week off work and spent satday to monday at her place before Terri (as she's called) came to mine.. She only lives a 20 minutes drive from my place hehe
Well hope all is well at all your ends.. (( Hugz ya all again ))

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Thursday, May 23rd, 2002
11:09 pm
All i do is work work work these days! ok not that i mind as what time i do get off i can have a laugh with afew mates or and have fun! ;)
Working tomorrow night but might head off down to Rios hehe
BUt Saturday it's Annes (the boss at the pub i work at) leaving do so i'm out saying cya and stuff and Kareoke too!! Then i've been blagged to go to Rios lol! so tomorrow night in going to Rios *hopefully* won't happen hehe

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10:19 pm - Wondered when this would happen.....
Click the link to see about Buffy.

A New baddie?


Well it was said before in the Buffy monthly mag i get which said she maybe in season 6.. But things fell through and now they could be according to the link, ready for the go!

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Monday, May 20th, 2002
8:41 pm - Friends list shortened..
Well yes it has been but not on my part...
cherryxpoison and whitedrug both removed me which came as alittle surprise as they both seemed nice and talkative people to me..
But the major shock to me was that 1 person safelyinsane who was in my friends list from pretty much day 1 has also removed me.. ** Sighs **
Kinda depressing really but more so to losing a friend such as safelyinsane from my LJ..

current mood: busy

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Wednesday, May 15th, 2002
7:14 pm - Crap!
Well i've worked a loverly 11.5 hours and guess what! yes you got it i'm going straight out the door again to work at the Petre pub..
Worked out that today i'll have worked a nice 15 hours today alone!! Mind you will have lots of money from it! ;)
But i can't go out and spend it as i'm working Friday, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon and night blah!
Well as i'm working all those hours i've decided to go out tomorrow night instead ;)
Any volunteers in joining me? no? ohh well thought not...
Ok time for a quick shower then taxi up to work as i've only got shit! 17 minutes
bye! ** Huggles ya all **

current mood: busy

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Thursday, May 9th, 2002
11:53 pm - Some friends are real silly billy's......
Obviously people on my LJ friends list don't read my profile...
I happen to be male so things like go girl or thanks girl don't really hit me as some-thing nice lmao!
I've taken a quick look at LJ before i went to sleep and 2 out of the 3 think i'm female! LoL!!
** Whaps ya **
Ok sleep time again...

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Wednesday, May 8th, 2002
8:10 pm - My life atm...
I've got a job at Petre Garden Center earning more money than i've ever earned before and working as a landscape gardener...
Also have just been offered my old job back at the Petre Arms (a pub i used to work in)
I last night accepted on returning back and doing afew night shifts with them.
So more money i'm going to be getting ;)
Also i'm single which yeah normally is a bad thing but atm it's all good.. The reasons for this is i'm not looking for any-one as i maybe going into the Army, and if i do this i'll not see her for an overall 25 weeks! ok i get 2 liddle breaks in between but nothing special.
Which in that time they could have gone with another and i don't fancy that at all..
Also i get to spend more time with friends. I spent most of my time with Dani and hardly any with some of my close friends.
Thing is life atm is soo good that do i want to join the army? I've got my date for a trial weekend and it's 16th of this month! lol
Told lostaddiction about me reconsidering the Army and that i was 60% wanting to stay as i am and not go..
He said he'd be more happy if i was 100 % ;)
I'm gunna go up on the weekend and see how i feel about things..
I've got the greatest of friends i feel so blessed.
Also! i splashed out and seriously splashed out in getting a new pair of trainers and a new pair of shoes as i lost 1 shoe last Saturday morning coming home from a night out.. (will explain later..) God their soo god damn nice! ;)
I get my trainers on Friday and shoes next Wednesday!! i've ordered them via a catalog as i only get the Sunday off and the shops ain't open then..
So overall life is brill and i hope things can just stay the same or get alittle better.

current mood: ecstatic

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5:52 pm - Stolen from casserz ** Huggles her **

Which Spike are you?

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Monday, April 29th, 2002
2:17 am - Nighty night
Well i'm gunna try again and see if i can get some sleep.. Nighty night all
** Huggles ya **

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1:20 am - Blah!
I so want to goto sleep! it's not that i'm bored cos i soooo not, it's just i've gotta be up for 8 am today and it's like 1:18 now!
I've tried al-sorts to get me sleepy but nope ain't working.

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1:13 am - Big Day!
Well i've got a big day tomorrow!
Firstly i've gotta be up for 8 to get ready for an interview to get into the Army.. which should go ok..
And then i'm meeting at Jeff house at 4:50 to go and play football (soccer) in Liverpool! a nice long drive lol.
I'm playing for a team called Calderstones who are in 1 of the biggest tournaments in Britain!
It's called the Unison Cup.
Teams from all over the UK play in a world cup type of tournament and the final 2 teams enter a semi pro tournament!! Semi pro! i'm like omg cool! ok i've played for a team in that already as i've played for east lancs just recently but still wow!
Last week we played in it and beat the finalists 8-1!! we wuped them.
It's very important to me and i'm sure the team that we win tomorrow, well today actually lol.
Also i decide on wether i try with Carley or not...
The Boss at the Petre said to me when i was leaving bad luck for Monday as he's wanting me to work full time with him lol! Also made me look after the place while and an the other boss were out. Which i think is damn cool after only a week and a half!

current mood: sleepy

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Wednesday, April 24th, 2002
10:01 pm - Times ticking by to fast!!
Since i started work for the Petre garden center i've hardly had time to come online!
The last 2 evenings i've pushed my-self online to try and catchup and have caught up with the friends i talk to on MSN a lot etc etc i'm after tomorrow as Carley's coming over to my place i'm going to catch up with the rest of my great friends here on LJ....
I so want to catch up too but by this time the energy is sucked right out of me!
I so want to go and have a knock around with me best buddie lostaddiction but again after work i have no energy!
Since i started work quite afew years back now i've just been as they call a pen pusher and now i'm doing lots of physical work which is tiring me out a lot..
I'm enjoying it all so much but no matter what i'm going to catch up with you all on here soonly as you as friends mean a lot to me and to be honest i'm quite surprised to see all are still here and ain't knocked me off but hey is looking like i have the friends i had before but has expanded to a much bigger list ;)
Miss you all muchly and i promise to catch up soonly!
** Huggles you all **

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Friday, April 12th, 2002
7:19 pm - Welcome..
Most of these friends have been on my friends list for awhile now..
How dare i not mention you!! I'm ashamed at my-self if that helps......
Sorry in advance to those people, please accept my apologizes!
Well here they are, a big list with me not mentioning a lot before.
Will you ever forgive me! ** Gets on knees **
Welcome to a great group of friends i have hope your all the same


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Tuesday, April 9th, 2002
7:17 pm - Happy but at the same time sad day....
The Queen mother has been laid to rest today and even though it's a sad day to see such a loverly lady leave us, we can just think that we've been blessed with her being with us for so long..
She lead a great life which lasted over a century....
I feel for the family and which ain't often in me saying it Charles the most.
He was very close to his Gran Mother, in fact she was his life..
RIP Our Queen Mother and the Grand mother of Britain..

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Sunday, April 7th, 2002
9:07 pm - Much needed night out.....
As i said last night i was going out after playing football to celebrate the end of season with the 3 masons...
Dani decided that she was going to meet me at the game.. She asked me to bring my stuff over and to get changed at her house.. Saved me going back to mine and getting ready to go back into Accrington again..
We played the game knowing that if we won we'd be on level points as 3rd place..
We ended up winning 5-0 against a very weak side indeed.. We just took the piss outa them ;)
It was like they'd never played football before lol!
I got a nice hatrick to put me top of the team scorers ;)
First goal was just taking it past the last defender and then around the keeper.. easy goal.
Second goal for me was just a knock over the top and me just drilling it into the back of the net.. And the third and last for me was a shot from Steve going wide until a just got a foot to it and it ended up into the back of the net...
The best goal was saved for last when Chris gets a pass from Steve and then he runs past 2 players and shoots hitting the cross bar and into the back of the net....
I went back to Dani's and we got changed and set off out around Accrington.
Dani and i gets there and none of the other team were there, we were getting rather worried at first until Stu came in hehe
Spent afew hours in Accrington before going into Whalley and having 2 pints there..
Was damn good in Accy ;) we had afew dances and drank loads lol.
Although in Whalley it was really just sitting down and having a cool laugh ;) Although Stu got told to quieten down otherwise he'd have to leave LMAO!
We were all getting ready to go into Rios before Dani said she didn't fancy it.. So i said ok fancy going to the judge having 1 there before going back to my place.. There was no way she was going to drive home so stopping at my place seemed much better ;D

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Tuesday, April 2nd, 2002
9:35 pm


You are restricted. Well done, you're now
practically adult in nature, and plus, you
get to see nudity - have fun.

"Which Movie Classification Are You?"
Test created by Jamie - take it here.

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